Mani was the first artist/prophet who widely used painting as a medium for spiritual purposes, mainly to illustrate his cosmogony.

A good painting whether conceptual, landscape or portrait should be a reflection of the painter’s belief system. If a painter doesn’t have an authentic belief system, his/her paintings are of no importance.

A canvas that has been painted for money or fame isn’t worth more than a tablecloth.

What makes a painting everlasting? The answer is nothing; the universe with all it’s little and big paintings will inevitably collapse one day. One should not occupy his/her mind with such a naive question too often.

Painting is intrinsically a two-dimensional medium. When a three-dimensional object is added to canvas, it’s not painting anymore; unless it’s just a thick layer of paint.

Objectively everything is colorless. Color is an illusion made by visual system, therefore a good painter should be a good illusionist.

Colorwise and texturewise, traditional painting is incomparable to digital painting.

Painting supplies that contain animal products should be avoided.

History of art that mentions Jackson Pollock as one of the great artists of history but doesn’t include Siah Qalam is deceptive.

This manifesto is not fixed; it changes and evolves with time.

Vincent van Gogh was not merely a great artist; he was a humble prophet who preferred painting to preaching.