English Poems

English Poems

The Green Hare

On the cabbage street after carrot square
There is a little big green hare

If you met her by any chance
If you were lucky enough to have a dance

Never tell your friends the truth
Never bother with nonexistence proof

Don’t tell them who you danced with
Cause for sure they will not have it

Going to God

She said she wants to go to God
Honestly it was a little bit odd

Only if she knew God is in her smiles
Or in her tears when she cries
God is the sugar in her tea
Everything we have but we can’t see
God is the whistle of her bird
The voices which go unheard
God is the neighbor saying hi
The sun in winter sky
God smells like blue cheese
God is cycling in the breeze

She said she wants to go to God
Honestly it was a little bit odd

Junkie & Gentleman

I’m a junkie, a social reject
But you are a gentleman, perfect
Every white dope I do inject
But your worst anomaly is cigarette
For my fix with hundreds I’ve slept
But you make love to your wife at sunset
Sorry, my breath smells like shit
But your perfume is Gucci I bet
All I have is this lousy blanket
But you have a mansion with a private jet
People look at me like an insect
But oh, you have so much respect
I’m my parents’ regret
But you take yours to Hawaii and Tibet

I ain’t wanna make a gentleman upset
But I wanna puke when I look at your rosette

Meth Mouth & the Golden Tooth

I’ve spent thousands of bucks on ice
Done lots of shit which wasn’t nice

Burgled so many houses and cars
Slept so many nights behind bars

Yes my whole mouth and life are ravaged
But my golden tooth remains undamaged

Midnight Murmurs

It’s the eeriest midnight with a sky so bitter
There is not even a single star to glitter

The wolves howl since the crescent is silver
And as the storm blasts the willows shiver

The emerald absinthe roars in the river
Destroys everything on it’s way like Grim Reaper

It’s not a midnight but a creepy nightmare
The thunder blazes the meadow in fire

The serpent’s burrow is somewhere near here
Everyone’s praying for God to interfere

The lonely lavender is in utmost fear
The dew on her leaf is a drop of her tear

Thus horror turns any believer to a sinner
But I hear unclear murmurs in my ear

The murmurs whisper “expect the sun dear”
I smell the lavender as the murmurs disappear

Fighting Death During a Pandemic

They are all shit scared of death today
Never thought soon they’ll die anyway

They take Vitamin C to cause death a delay
Never thought at last under clay they decay

To live one more day alcohol they spray
Never thought the death they have to obey

To avoid death even atheists cry and pray
Never thought they are death’s doomed prey

Taking booster jabs and think it’s okay
Never thought life inevitably will betray


Angel couldn’t distinguish right from ill
And God made her an exceptional deal

Swapped her heavenly wings with an earthly life
So that she could experience free will


Religion only satisfies the herd
Atheism is the silliest joke I’ve ever heard

Let agnostics die in doubt
For a wise man even pantheism is absurd

The Citrus Tree

Water quenches your thirst first
Soil feeds your roots next

Air in your growth is emphasis
Sunlight let you photosynthesis

So you can create a marvelous citrus
Fresh, juicy and delicious

Without your fruits I’m lifeless
But I’m still your ruthless nemesis

I poison water, soil and air nevertheless
You are glad sun is not in my distance

To you I’m just a ravenous virus
More dangerous and contagious than hepatitis

Though you are still so generous
Alas I can’t return your kindness

I can only beg your forgiveness
I’m ashamed of my existence

Invisible Strings

We’re all connected with invisible strings
You eat chicken you cut your own wings

Once you feel unity you can’t be selfish
You intensely dissolve into other things

Whether you cut your thumb or pinkie
Since attached to same hand pain it brings

I feel the fear in that beef on your plate
And that’s why my sore throat sings

Karma will slaughter you in next life
If for your greed his mournful knell rings

Hanging on a Rotten Twine

You can’t cut the air with an axe or a knife
What death is to you to me is another life

We’re a distorted reflection in God’s mirror
If it breaks shouldn’t cause us any fear

Sun will die sooner or later
With it the solar system will too disappear

And Vincent’s art in space becomes dust
So why for fame you have so much lust?

Nobody can hang eternally on this twine
Don’t blame me if I drown myself in wine

This body is just a tiny cage for the spirit
Don’t rely on the bars death knows no limit

Hyacinth is so beautiful by the river
Alas it dies when comes chilly winter

Enjoy life and don’t harm any creature
And remember you aren’t above nature

As the universe expands like a cancer
We are lost in this maze without an answer

None has seen something so mysterious
So even don’t take my verses so serious