Manifesto: One of Us Must Be Mad

Art history could do better without 2nd half of 20th century and early 21st century western art. The average is a pile of crap. The pace of their industrialization has been much faster than their too fussy but too kitsch art developments. WWIII might do all of us a favor! I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t relate to this nonsense. I don’t blame anyone who relates to this nonsense either, otherwise they would look like a 19th century moron who doesn’t relate to post-avant-garde-nonsense.

Ambiguity can be good, but not to the point that makes every meaning possible and therefore meaningless. I have more respect for a blank canvas.

If the intention of Pop “art” was just to become popular, it has done a great job.

My used palettes look more beautiful than most of the abstract paintings; and I’ve chucked lots of them out.

A camera has been taking much more realistic pictures than any photorealistic or hyperrealistic painting, and much faster. I thought Realism was killed, how did it reincarnate as something even more absurd?

Still Marcel Duchamp’s urinal is the best conceptual “art”. It prophesized what-is-it-all-about before it all began.

Stuckism is literally stuck.

Digital “painting” is good, for those who don’t want to bother with painting.

And this AI “art” is the latest nail in the coffin, on which they are dedicatedly busy banging. An “art” that is made by Artificial Intelligence is artificial, obviously.

If you suffer from lack of content, keep changing the book cover will help to keep you in the market.

You can’t judge art – that’s correct – but you can judge whether it’s art or not.

6 May 2024 – last edit: 25 May 2024

The Order

an oil adventure game on canvas

If killing one saves hundreds of lives, assassination is permitted...
75% developed

AD 1096, Iran – You are one of the Order of Assassins fedais, an assassin who would do anything to execute his master’s order, including sacrificing his own life. And this time your master Sabbah wants the Seljuk prince of Rudkhan Castle removed. All an assassin needs is a dagger and a clever plan.

New Screenshots:

Mystic’s Room

All art is painted by hand with oil on canvas (backgrounds, characters, objects and inventory items)
Historical fiction
High resolution: 1920×1080
First-person with 9-verb UI
Multiple endings